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KeySpy Remote

Remote PC Keylogger - Monitor all PC Activity!

Ever wanted to spy on a computer you own but currently don't have direct access to? With KeySpy Remote this is exactly what you are able to do! KeySpy Remote is a professional surveillance software that gives you the ability to know everything that is going on with any computer. It monitors and records (logs) activities (such as keystrokes, active applications, passwords, visited websites, emails, chats etc.) and periodically sends the data to your email. KeySpy's seamless installation makes it perfect for computers you don't have direct access to. This software package also includes the TopMail utility that lets you send anonymous emails from any email address to any email address. (The IIPwr Package)

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KeySpy Remote

  • KeySpy lets you monitor and record activity (such as keystrokes, active applications, passwords, visited websites, emails, chats etc.) on a computer and send the recorded data to your email.

  • KeySpy is especially designed to monitor a computer you don't have direct access to. It is invisible to the user, data is encrypted and it does not effect the system performance in any way!

  • KeySpy Generator - an application that lets you create an executable KeySpy file. This file is all you need to monitor a computer.

  • KeySpy Generator Wizard - create your first KeySpy file and start monitoring a computer in minutes with this wizard.

  • KeySpy Control Console - lets you easily control the monitoring process and preview the recorded data.

  • File Decoder utility - use to decrypt encrypted KeySpy data emails.

  • TopMail With TopMail you don't need to have an email account and can instantly send out emails that appear to arrive from any email address or name you want. It works perfectly with KeySpy as you can use it to send KeySpy as an email attachment to any target computer you want to monitor.

  • Help/User Manual - comprehensive help that explains every aspect of KeySpy.

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