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Remote Install Software - Centralized Remote Install Spyware - Spy From Anywhere!

Remotely Monitor Your ChildrenIs Your Child Being Naughty Online?
Are you worried that your child might be doing naughty things on the Internet? Curious children often perform searches for sexually-explicit content. They think you will never know. But they are wrong.

Remotely Spy On Your SpouseIs Your Spouse Having a Cyber Affair?
Have you suspected that your spouse is cheating on you? Just what are they doing on the PC for so long when you aren't around? They clean their tracks to hide it. But they can't hide anymore.

Remotely Spy On Your EmployeesIs Your Employee Working or Playing?
Have you noticed a drop in productivity? Your employee(s) may be goofing off when you aren't around. Do they play games or chat when they are supposed to be working? Now you can know the TRUTH.

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SniperSpy Remote Spyware SniperSpy software remotely installs to your computer through email. Unlike the other remote spy titles on the market, SniperSpy fully and completely bypasses the Windows XP Firewall.

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Parental Control Software
Now a proud partner of offers remote install computer spyware software for remote desktop administration and viewing (or computer monitoring) through LAN in real time for recording all Internet activity, tacking emails, viewing chat conversations and other activity on your PC. Remotely install and Monitor your employees or students on network computers remotely. Monitor your child on local home PC with our spy software for parental control. Get full computer usage statistics. Software, which installs remotely and runs invisible and records everything users do on their computers.

Remote Agent 3.0

Some of the features from our products:
View and Record
- Keystrokes typed
- Remotely control a pc
- Web site Visits
- Applications Ran
- Internet histories
- Windows opened
- Email Activity
- Internet connections made
- Files and Documents Viewed
- Activity logs
- The remote desktop
- Programs running
- Open windows
- Chat Conversations

You can also...
- Monitor any PC
- Records Screen shots
- Edit registry keys
- Send messages to user
- Check logs at any time
- Disable Spyware Detectors
- Monitor from Anywhere
- Launch web sites and apps
- Control open windows
- Realtime Remote Monitoring
- PC Lockdown Scheduling
- View remote file system
- Send Activity Logs via Email
- Spy On Anyone From Anywhere!

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