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RemoteSpy BoxRemote Spying Software - The most powerful software of its kind. It's finally here: RemoteSpy! Secretly and invisibly monitor and record your PC without the need for physical access. Record keystrokes, screenshots, email, passwords, chats, instant messenger conversations, websites visited and more in total privacy. Find out the information you need to know quickly with the most intelligent remote spy software available: RemoteSpy!

Unlike other spy software solutions, Remote Spy features innovative anti-detection routines and a firewall bypassing option unavailable in other remote monitoring products. This allows for quick and easy monitoring of your remote or local computer with no extraneous configuration needed. No longer be stuck choosing between disabling your security software and recording the activity on your local or remote computer. Begin receiving internet activity logs from your monitored computer within minutes of deployment. Try the demo today!

Powerful Spy Software Remote Spy Features
Capture Keystrokes
Watch Websites Visited
Monitor IM & Chat (Both Incoming & Outgoing)
Spy On Emails
Passwords used
Remotely Install No Physical Access Needed!
Deploy with one Click via email!
Personalized Member Account!
Remotely Monitor ANY PC YOU OWN!
Know how your PC is being used while away.
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“I have three children — two daughters (8 and 13) and a son (17) — and I consider myself to be a responsible parent.  But in this day and age, no responsible parent would assume that his children were safe on the Internet.  So, I monitor the common, shared computers in my home as part of good parenting. I chose RemoteSpy because of poor experiences with the software that blocks access to bad web sites.  Teenagers are smart and can bypass the “safe surfing” software that exists very easily (e.g. anonymous proxy surfers are one example of this).  In addition, the “safe surfing” software does not block access to online predators through instant messaging software. Unlike these ineffective tools, RemoteSpy enables me to know everything my children do on the Internet.  RemoteSpy is also better than those other tools because my children do not even know it is on their computers.  If they did, I am sure they would use their superior knowledge of technology to uninstall or bypass the software, just as they were able to outsmart the 'safe surfing' software I tried"
Parent - Jack S.

"I have used RemoteSpy for two years and have been very happy with the product.  It was very important for me to use this program to discreetly monitor my teenagers’ computer usage while I was away at work, etc. Since it captures chat and passwords, they could not hide any communications from me and my spouse. This was a crucial program for allowing me to parent and protect my children. More than once, my children were contacted by inappropriate persons and I was able to quickly intervene and block/report them to authorities for investigation. I am a doctor and also use the software in my private practice ... to comply with federal regulations like HIPAA. I found the email installation feature helpful, as it was the easiest way for me to install the RemoteSpy software on all of my computers.  I only had to configure the software once, and then was able to install that same configuration on multiple computers. I also find invaluable the feature of being able to log in remotely from any computer to the RemoteSpy website to view the logs and other monitoring information from the various computers I own.  Without this feature, I would be required constantly to log into several different computers on a daily or weekly basis just to find out what is occurring on those computers.  The net result would be far less effective monitoring on my part.”
S.B. Parent & Doctor
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